For nearly 35 years, WGWL’s citizen-driven volunteers have worked ardently with communities, conservation boards, grant agencies and individuals to bring you a beautiful walk and ride through Iowa.  But all good things come with a cost – monetary and in-kind donations are welcomed.  Give to our endowment fund to ensure this beauty for generations to come!

You are also welcome to become a “Friend of the Trail.”   There are no meetings, no dues, no standing commitments.  Just provide your name and contact information and we will contact you once or twice throughout the year to ask your assistance with trail activities.  You may say “yes” or “no” when contacted.  Email if interested.


Friends of the Trail requirements: Volunteer to help with just one WGWL Trail activity or event per year or sign up and make periodic monetary donations. No meetings. This is it. Fill out Friends of the Trail form at the Welcome Center. Friends of the Trail membership is open to all trail supporters.

WGWL Committee members volunteer for tree to five events per year. Attend an annual planning meeting in November. Open to all trail supporters.

WGWL Charter Members are the originators and grassroots of the WGWL Trail. They initiated the trail, wrote the applications for funding and began its fundraising events and construction in the late 1980s. Charter Members also volunteer for three to five events per year and attend the annual planning meeting in November.
Thank you for your support!