It’s become a treasured tradition in northeast Iowa. What is it? It heralds the end of summer, the beginning of autumn. It is the Sunday on the Wapsi-Great Western Line Trail when you can obtain a pass for $3 to ride the trail with your golf cart. It will happen on Sunday, September 8 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
It is the quiet golf carts gliding down the path that allows you to sit back and see the beauty of Iowa on this trail. One can start at the Trailhead’s Welcome Center in Riceville, Iowa at 110 Main Street and travel along the trail northerly. An alternation direction is west of Riceville: turn north off Hwy #9, go up 7 miles on T62 (Walnut Avenue) in Mitchell County, turn west on 485th Street and go approximately 1/2 mile to the WGWl Trail. This site is the ghost town of Bailey. Parking is available at both sites to unload your golf cart and then travel north from Riceville or south from Bailey.
When you reach Riceville, the famous homemade pies of the WGWL await you —or maybe a root beer float, or chocolate sundae for a nominal price. Coffee and tea are free. So come and enjoy the great outdoors on a most enjoyable journey.
Cart drivers must have a valid driver’s license to present when purchasing their pass. Carts must stay on the trail and observe state driving rules and regulations and be responsible for their actions. Drivers must display their pass at check points. Those without a pass will be liable for a $20 fine. The trail’s distance one way is 11 miles. Be sure your cart is fueled or charged for the distance if you wish to travel the full length of the trail. Carry a cell phone for emergencies. No ATVs are allowed on the trail. Bikers and pedestrians will also be using the trail. Your golf cart pass is good between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Sunday, September 8.
Don’t have a golf cart? Ask a friend to use one or carts may be rented on this one day at the Riceville Country Club which is just 2 blocks west of the WGWL Trailhead in Riceville. One can call 641-985-2447 to reserve a cart.
Rain will cancel Golf Cart Day. However, since it is also Pie Sunday, pumpkin, apple lemon, cherry, strawberry, rhubarb, raisin, pecan, peach, peanut butter pie will be served as usual until gone.
The Dolores Bucheit Summer Art Show at the Trailhead Gallery will also close on this day. Watercolor and oil paintings are available for purchase. This featured artist will be at the Trailhead Gallery from 2:30 to 3:30 to do a Meet and Greet session with the public.
What a fun day!

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