DeRailed Adventure

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Saturday, September 21, 2019 0900

This is an adventure style race with multiple disciplines including running, biking, a water event and mystery challenges.

The course includes running on hard surfaces and a mowed grass trail.  Biking will be mostly on a paved recreational trail with an additional two miles of gravel.  The water event is not swimming.  It is tubing and you and your shoes will get wet.  Mystery events may be physical or mental.

This is a mostly self-supported event, especially related to hydration and personal needs.

  1. Participants must be able to carry water on their person and/or on their bike.  Water is available to refill containers at pre-race/finish (WGWL Trailhead in Riceville), at start (Elma) and at Lake Hendricks.
  2. Restroom facilities are available at pre-race/finish, Elma, Lake Hendricks, and Lylah’s Marsh (the transition area from run to bike).

First, second and third place awards for men and women.  This is a timed event.  Participants must arrive for the water event at Lake Hendricks before 11:00 in order to continue the race.  You have two hours and 40 minutes to officially finish and receive a finishers medal.  Those finishing in over two hours and 40 minutes will be given congratulations for the efforts.   All participants will receive a free lunch from 11:15-12:15.

See rules below.  For additional details and to register go to DeRailed Adventure

Are you up for the adventure or will you be DeRailed?

Rules for DeRailed Adventure 2019 Participants

  • Athletes must check-in and drop bikes at Lylah’s Marsh prior to 7:30 a.m. where they will receive bibs and bike tags.  Volunteers will be at this location beginning at 6:30 a.m. GPS Coordinates of Lylah’s Marsh are 43.2863475059266, -92.4678683280945.  Lylah’s Marsh is located north of Elma, IA, west of V18 (Garden Ave) on 170th and Lylah’s Road.
  • Athletes will need to drive to the WGWL Welcome Center (110 East Main Street/Hwy 9 in Riceville), which is where the race finishes. Pre-race meeting at 8:10 a.m.   Bus will leave at 8:30 to carry participants to race start.
  • Entrants must sign a waiver (a part of online registration).
  • Minimum age of entrants is 18.
  • A CPSC/ANSI-approved bicycle helmet shall be worn during all biking activities.
  • Manual bicycles only.  E-bikes are not allowed.
  • A Coast Guard-approved life jacket (PFD) will be provided by race officials and must be worn during the water event.
  • Participants will follow all DeRailed rules and instructions from DeRailed race officials and law enforcement. Those in variance to any rule will be subject to disqualification.
  • DeRailed officials have the right to delay or cancel the race due to weather conditions that pose a threat to participants and/or volunteers.  
Event: DeRailed Adventure – Multi-Sport
Run is 6.5 miles – 2 miles grass, 4.5 paved
Biking is 8.5 miles – 6.5 paved, 2 gravel
Tubing is 600 meters
Mystery Challenges are a minimum of two and must be completed to advance in the race
Start Time: 9:00am CDT
End Time: 11:40am CDT

Registration Limit: 50 spots  

Price: $25 Early Sign-up Race Fee with increasing intervals up to $50
Registration: Registration ends two days prior to the event at 8:00pm CDT